About M. K. Choudhary

Mr. Mahesh K. Choudhary, the founder and chairman of Saraswatii Global is a man of great genius and vision. Being in the industry of rug designing and production for more than 37 years, Mr. M. K. Choudhary has been involved with every facet of high quality area rug production. This extensive experience has allowed him to take Saraswatii Global Private Limited to the highest zenith of success.

Saraswatii Global Private Limited was founded in 1978 by Mr. M. K. Choudhary in Churu Rajasthan. At the beginning, the enterprise was begun with only two looms. Mr. M. K. Choudhary named the company in his mother's maiden name, Saraswatii. The company was initially named as Saraswatii Exports when it first began its production.

In 1985, Mr. Mahesh K. Choudhary moved to the Gujarat tribal area with the aim of starting the production of hand knotted carpets. Although he faced numerous obstacles while trying to realize his dreams, he never looked back once he was set in his path. In 1994, he returned to Jaipur to focus on exporting his products overseas in large quantities. Five years later in 1999 he setup his own dying and spinning plant in Jaipur, Rajasthan. In 2001, after he came to Jaipur, Mahesh K. Choudhary started his operations in USA under the name of Amer Rugs Inc.

On 5th Jan 2007, the company Saraswati Exports was converted into Saraswatii Global Pvt Ltd.

Family Members

Mrs. Basu Choudhary
As a wife, Mrs. Basu Choudhary always stood by her husband and has been very supportive...

Raj Choudhary
Raj, finished his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Atlanta, Georgia, USA and joined...

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a story of a dream of a man who never lost faith in it and never wavered from persuading it!

Success Story

Mr. Choudhary himself completed his education of B.Com II Year from Ram Lohiya College, Churu. As a man, he has a very supportive and helpful personality. One of his ardent passions is traveling. In fact, he often needs to travel from one place to another all 30 days of the month. While his journey had very humble beginnings, it was Mr. Choudhary's dedication and hard work that has led to the astounding success of his company. Under the visionary and capable leadership of Mr. Choudhary, Saraswatii has gradually grown from being a two loom company to a global leader when it comes to the production of handmade area rugs. Today, Saraswatii has production facilities in four Indian states and has emerged as the leading exporter of hand-knitted rugs from India. Almost 2250 looms operating under Saraswatii are spread across several states including Rajasthan, Orissa, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. More than 10000 weavers work in these looms of which more than 50% are women. The design team of Saraswatii Global comprises of 22 members and they occupy an entire floor in the Jaipur headquarters of Saraswatii Global.

Mr. Choudhary is also associated with FIEO (i.e., Federation of Indian Export Organization), RCMEA (i.e. Rajasthan Carpet Manufacturers Exporters Association) and CEPC (i.e. Indian Carpet Export Promotion Council).

Saraswatii Global Private Limited has earned critical appreciations from various international arenas, which include "Star Export House" as well as reward from Indian Government for contribution towards bringing worldwide recognition to Indian carpets. Mr. Choudhary is also credited for being the first individual to bring all the production pillars under a single roof so that the designers can work together with the weavers and dyers for producing top notch carpets. The interaction and collaboration among the artisans have proven to be a major factor for bringing success to the enterprise.

Mr. Choudhary has also extended his generosity towards various social causes as well. He has started 2 initiatives for the society, namely, the Saraswati Global Foundation and the B R International School. Named after his father Mr. Bhani Ram Ji, it is now the best CBSE School in all of Gujarat. The school now has more than 600 students and it is estimated that the number of students will ultimately cross the 2000 mark within the next 6 years.